The Road to Rollergirl How I Stopped Being a Roller Wannabe and Started Being a Rollergirl


Speaking of ass fractures….

I took my first spill, I feel all official now. I was trying to get the feel of turning while skating on just one foot, and I guess I leaned a little too far to the outside and...

a little road rash


That's just a shadow there, not a ginormous bruise. Oh well, if you're not falling, you're not skating.


Progress! One ass fracture at a time…

I bet you think I forgot, didn't you?

I didn't! At various times I thought about maybe not doing this because I'm a busy person and all that, but I decided not to sell my self short and go ahead and try. I think that the worst that could happen is that I try out, I suck, and I get over it. No harm, no foul. This isn't middle school anymore, after all.

Anyway, my progress for the day was my first roller skating lesson. It was outdoors, which I have never done before, but is it any fun if it's not terrifying?

You know what? For probably the first time in my life, I wasn't the worst person out there. I have the very slight advantage that I skated when I was a kid, so I was a little ahead of the folks who looked like newborn foals with skates on their feet. I can go forward and backward a little. I can stop (!), and I can do that fancy cross-over turn. That's it, but you know, baby rolls, right?

I am proud to say that I only fell once (wasn't that bad because I'm not good enough to go fast just yet), and I managed to totally save myself from a wicked crash too.

More on Wednesday. I'm so excited to actually be working toward my goal. I think I also need to start doing some running for endurance and core training for balance. I say those things like I have even the foggiest idea what they mean.