The Road to Rollergirl How I Stopped Being a Roller Wannabe and Started Being a Rollergirl


When You Know It’s Derby Love

derby love

As a natural introvert, I sometimes have a hard time gauging my relationships with people, figuring out where I am on the credits of someone else's life. I usually assume I'm the gaffer or the best boy grip (no pun intended? oh who am I kidding), and I'm always surprised when I'm confronted with the common indicia of friendship. Little social niceties, like people remembering my birthday without the aid of Facebook or just recommending a book or band because they know my taste, always take me aback a bit, even though I try my best to do the same for others. In short, someone would probably be able to tell exactly how I feel about them because I have no capacity for small talk or BS, but I can spend years trying to get a bead on what they think of me.


I Love This Shit: An Unofficial Review of a WFTDA Officiating Clinic

This past weekend I packed up my skates and stripes and headed to the home of lager, chowder, and so many other things that sounds better in a Boston accent, for a beginner-level WFTDA Officiating Clinic.

I was excited to attend an event that would be all officials; as I told one skater, every league loves their refs, but nobody really likes refs. Her response was revealing: “I don’t think that’s true. [beat] I just don’t like refs that make bad calls, like when I didn’t do anything and they send me to the box for a back block.” Uh-huh. Either way, it seemed like getting some immersion training would be a good way to help my constant struggle to be a ref that is occasionally despised rather than universally reviled.


Someone Went to ECDX and All I Got Was This Lousy Blog Post

It has taken me a week to write this because there is just so much to say that it's difficult to know where to start, or how to make it coherent. This is insanity, but I wasn’t even planning to go to ECDX. I had wanted to go last year, and in retrospect I am glad I didn’t because I would have been completely overwhelmed, and it’s really a buddy-system sort of event. This year, I had my sights set on RollerCon, and when that fell through, I thought I would “settle” for the closer, less expensive option.

Totally eating those words now.


Love Letters

Derby Chocolates from Chocolate F/X

Valentine’s Day. The day we celebrate the ones we love, forget to celebrate and feel guilty, or resent all the saccharine consumer schlock and heterosexist cultural expectations of monogamous relationships. Maybe you can tell I’ve been all over the map on this one.  This year I am feeling the holiday spirit, so I present you with some valentines.