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I Love This Shit: An Unofficial Review of a WFTDA Officiating Clinic

Refs in their natural habitat: a particularly heated rules discussion.

This past weekend I packed up my skates and stripes and headed to the home of lager, chowder, and so many other things that sounds better in a Boston accent, for a beginner-level WFTDA Officiating Clinic.

I was excited to attend an event that would be all officials; as I told one skater, every league loves their refs, but nobody really likes refs. Her response was revealing: “I don’t think that’s true. [beat] I just don’t like refs that make bad calls, like when I didn’t do anything and they send me to the box for a back block.” Uh-huh. Either way, it seemed like getting some immersion training would be a good way to help my constant struggle to be a ref that is occasionally despised rather than universally reviled.