The Road to Rollergirl How I Stopped Being a Roller Wannabe and Started Being a Rollergirl


Quick Hit: Congrats Gotham Girls!

More on the rest of Championals later, but for now, a million congratulations to Gotham Girls Roller Derby for being the only team to take home the Hydra twice. Well deserved, hard fought, and the perfect end to an amazing season. It's an honor to officiate for the hardest working league in the game.

Image Credit Bob Dunnell/DNN.


Championals Day 1: Well, There Goes My Bracket…

I am notoriously bad at picking winners, mostly because I try to put Texas as the winner of every bout, even the ones they aren't playing in. Okay, I'm kidding, but I am pretty bad at this game, which is really just guessing for someone who isn't sports-oriented. Behold, my original predictions:


Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

The only thing more fickle than the gods of WFTDA standings is my bracket for Uproar on the Lakeshore. Because I'm not really a super sports-fan type, I pick my favorites using factors like scrappiness, underdogitude, whether or not they send me messages on Twitter, and whether or not they are the Texas Rollergirls. But I recognize that there is a difference between favorite and favored.

My prediction, based in part on the stunning way Gotham dominated the Hometown Throwdown, was an Oly-Gotham championship game with Gotham taking home the Hydra. Unfortunately, this meant that there would be a Gotham-Texas game in there. Damn.

This put me in the position of having my favorite team against my favored team. Tough situation. As I tweeted yesterday, I predicted a Gotham win, but secretly hoped for a Texas upset. Nothin' doin', and I definitely shed a little tear as the Texies got shut out 151-52. Okay, no sweat, right? I can cheer for Gotham for the rest of the tournament without a second thought (even though they were now up against Rocky, which has really grown on me after their upset win at Westerns--I love upsets as much as I hate blowouts).

Then came Gotham/Rocky. This game was painful to watch, not least of all because the feed kept crapping out on me (my computer hates me sometimes). After the 108-79 Gotham loss, I was all grumpy like "why the hell am I going to watch the rest of the tournament on Sunday if I've already seen both of these games, hmph!" After some human contact last night, I feel a little better about it.

Ultimately, the way I pick favorite is totally arbitrary, but that doesn't keep me from getting really attached for a hot minute.

How do you pick favorites when your team isn't playing? Do you go for the underdog? The favorite? The team with the most fun personality (New Skids!!)?


Heartbreak is…

broken heart

Texas AND Gotham going down. Maybe now I'll root for Oly out of spite.

More tomorrow, I've been glued to DNN and Twitter most of the day so I'm heading out to hang out with corporeal humans.