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Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Challenges

So the old year is done, sent off with a [skate] boot in the ass by my Roller Derby Workout Old Year's Revolution. The winners, Skirt Steak of the Hellions of Troy fresh meat squad and Chrome Molly of the Southern Oregon Rollergirls, will be getting their prizes in the mail. I realized, though, if the point of the competition was to build up momentum for the new year and the Roller Derby Workout Challenge, why stop there? Consider this me holding out my arms and yelling "I'm bridging! I'm bridging!" (Ref note: your arms are irrelevant! When defining position relative to other skaters, listen to Shakira: the hips don't lie!) I decided to run another Fleetly challenge as a "primer" for those folks who just can't wait until January 29th.

Even better, the lovely ladies behind the Roller Derby Workout have kicked in a copy of the workout DVD for the winner! Here's how to get it.

  1. "Like" this blog (not this post) on Facebook. You'll see a Facebook Page logo on the right sidebar. Cliquez!* !!!IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Due to FB code fuckery too boring to go into detail with, if you already "Liked" the blog, you have to do so again. Thanks to the kindly folks who pointed out the error!
  2. Head over to Fleetly and start a free account. Fleetly gives you points for logging exercises, turning working out out into a game! For the iPhone inclined, there's an app for that.
  3. Join the challenge. I'm calling it the Roller Derby Workout Challenge Primer.
  4. PROFIT!!! Whoever has the most points at the end of the challenge on 1/28 (that's the day before the actual Roller Derby Workout Challenge starts) wins!
  5. (Optional) Friend me on Fleetly! Grab the button in my sidebar for your own blog!

When you go to the Fleetly challenge page, you will see a list of included workouts. These are all the workouts from last year, divided more or less by difficulty into "Fresh Meat," "Rookie," and "Veteran." I'm not gonna tell you when to do what, that is up to you to figure out where you're at right now since we're working up to the challenge.  Some of these are pretty open-ended (like "30 minutes of dancing or cardio"), but you only get the points if you log it through one of the specified workouts! Am I missing a cardio activity you like? No prob, drop me a line and I'll add it.

Note "Roller Derby Practice Day" and "Roller Derby Workout" for days when you have practice or do the video. I have listed the workout that they provided as a substitute because Fleetly didn't have all the same exercises and anyway we want to leave some mystery for the DVD! So if you already own the video, just log it as the posted equivalent workout. There is partial credit, and yes, you can log retroactively if you forget (I'm SO bad about this). Any questions, let me know, and don't be shy! Between me and the awesome gang at Fleetly, we can get you sorted out.

It's on, y'all!


*Because Fleetly is open to everyone, there are other non-derby people who are participating too just because it's a fun workout. I'm not going to be sending a copy of the Roller Derby Workout video to some random dude who likes burpees, so this is the easiest way for me to keep track of who is competing for the video. If you don't have Facebook (?!), you can follow me on Twitter (I tweet about my travails on the #derbychallenge hashtag) or leave a comment here. 

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