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Championals Day 1: Well, There Goes My Bracket…

I am notoriously bad at picking winners, mostly because I try to put Texas as the winner of every bout, even the ones they aren't playing in. Okay, I'm kidding, but I am pretty bad at this game, which is really just guessing for someone who isn't sports-oriented. Behold, my original predictions:

There were some surprises yesterday, including Kansas City clawing their way out from under Rose City, putting an end to an otherwise red-letter season, and Minnesota avenging last year's walloping by Charm City. But I still have hope for my predictions of the semis and the final... And yes, I'm saying Gotham over Rocky Mountain -- GGRD has dominated from coast to coast this season. Rocky still dominates, but they're coming in as the #2 seed from the West, and that Rat City bout at Westerns... I just don't know. So here are my predictions for the rest of the weekend:

Luckily, I'm not a betting woman...

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  1. Now that Kansas City and Texas are meeting each other again, who do you predict will win? I heard that Track Rat for KC is sidelined with an injury.

  2. My gut says Texas, even though KC has had an amazing showing so far. Bummer about Track Rat, but I still think the Texies are going to have to put up a fight. What do you think?

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